Running with you

Now we all live in the city, work takes up most of our time, we don't have time to socialize, so our life after work is very boring, many people will choose to keep a dog to accompany themselves. But if you want to go out shopping with your dog, you have to make sure that your dog is within your control, you need a strong dog leash, just our product can satisfy you.

This rope is made from super nylon climbing rope. Nylon is light, weatherproof, non-mold or worn (unlike a cotton rope leash), with a soft padded handle for an amazingly comfortable vibrating grip, allowing you to enjoy walking with your dog and protecting your hands Protect from rope burns.

The ropes are equipped with reflective strips to keep you and your dog safe even at night, and the O-rings on the handles allow you to easily install waste bags or keys or secure your dog to the pole.

In addition, the 5-foot length is the perfect balance between freedom and control, giving your dog plenty of freedom and everything under your control.

In addition, we will also send you a silicone dog bowl and dog garbage bag as a thank you!